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Multi-Core Indoor Fiber Optic Cable
Release Date: 2022-05-19

The multi-core aramid yarn SM MM-9/125 OS1-OS2-OM1 62.5/125-OM2-OM3-OM4 50/125 is uniformly reinforced on the outside of the single-mode tightly jacketed fiber and then extruded into a flame retardant outer sheath. The cable is mainly suitable for indoor wiring, also suitable for outdoor wiring, but only PE pipe can be used. The cable is soft, easy to peel, easy to follow, round structure, small size, light weight.

Indoor Optic Fiber Cable

Multi-core indoor optical cable, most of the indoor optical cable is tight buffer design, usually composed of the following components of the cable internal, non-metallic strengthening FRP, tight buffer optical fiber, used to further strengthen the cable structure, so that its high voltage resistance Kevlar, and cable sheath. The trend is to use LSZH or other RoHS compliant PVC material to make cable sheath; This will help protect the environment and the health of end users. Single-mode indoor cables are usually installed between buildings more than 100 meters apart, while multi-mode indoor cables are used for shorter distance connections. We offer SMF and MMF indoor optical cable for a wide variety of structural applications.

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