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What is FTTN? The difference between FTTN and FTTH
Release Date: 2022-07-22

What is FTTN?

FTTN, fiber-to-the-node. FTTN is where the optical fiber extends to the cable junction box, generally covering 200 to 300 users. FTTN can use PON access technology.


The difference between FTTN and FTTH:

FTTB is the optical fiber connected to the building, and the small DSLAM equipment is placed in the distribution box, generally covering 20 to 30 users; while FTTH, as the final form of FTTx, is the optical fiber directly connected to each user's home.

Generally speaking, the industry regards FTTB and FTTH as the same category, commonly referred to as FTTH. This is because for operators, technically, both of them need to lay a huge optical fiber distribution network (ODN), and the ODN construction The plans are similar; strategically, they all focus on providing the bandwidth capabilities required for development in the next 5 to 10 years, such as 30 to 50 Mbps/user bandwidth. It can be said that FTTB is the early form of FTTH.

Compared with FTTN, FTTH has higher construction cost and more complex network coverage, and its user bandwidth needs to be well guaranteed, so it has certain advantages in the construction of high-end user communities. The FTTN access technology can effectively reduce the cost of fiber access, convenient operation and maintenance, and comprehensive business functions. It is an ideal technical solution for newly-built ordinary residential communities.

For operators who choose FTTB/H, the prevailing view is to build FTTH in new construction areas, because the price of raw material copper is rising and the price of fiber optic cable is falling, and the laying cost of fiber optic cable and copper cable is equivalent, especially for new residential buildings. There is a risk that users who have already moved in are unwilling to re-lay cables; and for users who have already laid copper cables, the FTTB mode is used to avoid the problem of re-laying optical fibers in the home. Obviously, the FTTH investment is huge. FTTN is a compromise between bandwidth and investment. On the premise of meeting user bandwidth needs, FTTN adopts the latest DSL technology and uses long twisted pair cables as much as possible to increase the user capacity of DSLAM nodes, thereby reducing the number of nodes, investment and cost. maintenance costs.

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