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Hunan FEIBOER Optical communication equipment CO., LTD is a comprehensive high-tech optical fiber communication product development,production,sales and network engineering. 

FEIBOER products mainly include: indoor & outdoor fiber optical cable, ADSS, OPGW, FTTH drop cable,patch cord,pigtail and other series and optical passive device series.

Products are strictly implemented in national standards,and have obtained the product certification certificates of the broadcasing and televison network access license,the power supply special communication equipment network access license,the telecom equipment network access license. The company has obtained ISO9001,ISO14001,OHSAS18001 certifacation,and obtained import and export rights.

FEIBOER relies on advanced equipment,mature technology and strict management to  provide high-quality products,pre-sale service and after-sale service.

FEIBOER has established a long-term cooperative partnership with China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, Sinopec, China Railway, Army, State Power Grid, Southern Power Grid.

FEIBOER products sell very well in the Middle East, America, Europe, Asia, Africa, etc. Our products are widely used in schools, telecommunications, airports, hospitals, enterprises, government, banks, office buildings, high-rise buildings, public places, residential areas and other comprehensive network cabling projects.

Hunan FEIBOER will always adhere to the "quality first, reputation first, management basis, service sincere" business philosophy.Focus on the product and customer-oriented, we will keep innovating and improve service.

The enterprise culture
The enterprise culture

1. Firstly, establish the corporate philosophy and improve the cultural system: that is, establish perfect and reasonable rules and regulations, such as employee behavior, public relations, service behavior, crisis management, interpersonal relationship, etc. Therefore, to do a good job in the construction of corporate culture, the concept must be seriously implemented. Only in this way can employees' behaviors meet the requirements of corporate philosophy and pave the way for the construction of corporate culture in the future.

2. Then spread corporate culture and establish the code of conduct for employees: employees are the main body of corporate culture construction. Only by making employees actively participate in it, can we better spread corporate philosophy and share value system. For example, to create an internal online community, so that all staff have a space for communication, feel the sense of participation.

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