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How much is the price of adss optical cable?
Release Date: 2022-08-08

When buying an optical cable, there are many factors that we need to consider, for example, where is the scene, indoor or outdoor, overhead or direct burial, on land or under the sea, according to these requirements to judge what material and composition are there? What kind of sheath is needed? These are all things to consider.

When you buy ADSS optical cable, you must choose a professional manufacturer to buy ADSS power optical cable with good quality.

How much is the price of adss optical cable?

Definition of ADSS self-supporting optical cable

Due to the addition of aramid, it has the ability to "self-support" and has a certain strength, and does not need to rely on any stranded wires to be erected independently. Low investment and light weight, no part of the tower will bring too much load to the tower body. Construction is simple. Therefore, the ADSS optical cable is particularly convenient on the running line and can be easily hung up. Therefore it is widely used.

Definition: A necessary support that itself contains a non-metallic optical cable that can be suspended directly from a tower.

How much is ADSS cable

The price of ADSS optical cable is cheap, but since they are all customized products, the optical cable manufacturer will make the optical cable suitable for the customer's choice according to the customer's core count and pitch requirements. Conventional indoor optical cables are mostly jumper-type optical cables and short-distance optical cables in buildings, but after the opening of FTTX, the types of optical cables in the building began to increase, including branch optical cables, wiring optical cables, etc. The production process of this type of optical fiber adopts the tight sleeve method such as polyvinyl chloride, HYTREL, PA, LSZH, etc., which is different from the previous loose sleeve process and has various requirements for stripping.

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