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Product structure of leather cable
Release Date: 2022-05-19

Ordinary leather cable for standard 8 type structure; Two parallel strengthening cores, the middle of the optical fiber; Self-supporting leather cable cable in the ordinary leather cable structure added a thick steel wire hanger; In general, the self-supporting leather cable is more than a steel wire, the other are unchanged;

The structure of each manufacturer is different. But are generally not metal reinforcement core, for example, butterfly skin cable. Section shape like a butterfly, so called. On both sides are the reinforcing parts in the leather line, and the fiber in the middle.

1, butterfly cable is divided into indoor, room (inside), the price difference is bigger, the outdoor type price is about 2 times the price of indoor type, when doing specific design should consider the price factor, under normal circumstances, the outside still using common cable (GYTA-G652d), indoor type butterfly with the fiber optic cable, both through fiber box or connector box transition.

2, butterfly optical cable has a small radius of curvature, light weight, good resistance to bending performance and easy to fix, in 86 terminal box is easy to end and so on.

3, butterfly optical cable into the home has two forms of non-metallic strengthening member, metal strengthening member, taking into account the lightning protection, anti-strong electrical interference factors, should be used indoor non-metallic strengthening member butterfly optical cable.

4, indoor butterfly cable has 1 core, 2 core, 3 core, 4 core specifications, residential users access butterfly cable should choose single core cable; Business user access butterfly cable can be 2- 4 core cable design.

There are cold connection and welding.

Cold connection is to install the connector by preparing the end of the optical fiber and connect it with a flange head.

The product application

Used for indoor wiring, end user directly with cable;

Used for introducing optical cable into buildings;

For user indoor wiring in FTTH.

Execution standard

Disc introduction optical cable for access network.

The construction method

FTTX project large-scale use of leather cable, mainly used in two ways: one is based on cold connector cable cold connection technology (physical connection), one is based on welding machine as a tool of hot fusion technology.

Cold technology

Cold connection technology: The cold connector of an optical fiber is used for the docking of two tail fibers. The main component of the cold connector is a precise V-shaped slot. After the two tail fibers are moved, the cold connector is used to realize the docking of two tail fibers. The operation is more simple and fast, saving time than using welding machine.

On the surface, the cold joint operation is simple and fast, and saves time than the melting machine, but the cold joint technology is mainly used in the emergency application of optical cable communication interruption.

There are obvious defects in cold connection technology

(1) Large loss of cold connection. Due to the use of physical connection, two optical fibers completely rely on the V-groove and matching liquid to achieve the connection, such loss is obviously greater than the hot melt connection point. In FTTX engineering, although the line loss requirements are not as strict as the main line, the high loss point is the potential fault point.

(2) Short service life and high maintenance cost. The matching liquid plays an important role in cold joint technology. Citing the statistics of operators' customers, the life of imported matching liquid is generally about 3 years, while the life of domestic matching liquid is only 1.5~2 years. Thus, increased maintenance costs. And the cost of a cold connector is generally about 30 to 50 yuan (detachable and reusable, but the precision of reusing after disassembly is greatly reduced, so the cold connector is nominal repeatable, and is actually only used once in the construction process), the actual use and maintenance cost is high.

Hot melt technology

1, welding loss is small. Two optical fibers using hot melt technology, according to the main line standard to fuse, greatly reduce the loss of fusion.

2, long service life, low maintenance cost. Because of the hot melt standard in accordance with the requirements of the construction of the main line, the life of the general fusion point and the life of the ordinary optical cable is almost the same, there is no single point of life problem.

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